Safety in your home

If You Smell Gas


Smoke Detectors


Theft – Home Security

Health and Safety

To help you keep your home in good condition and prevent future problems:

  • Make sure you know where the main stopcock is and how to turn it off

  • Make sure you know how to turn off your electricity and gas supply in an emergency.
    If you do not, ask any of our staff or contractors when they next visit you.

Health and Safety

Colne takes the safety of our customers and properties very seriously. The responsibilities of us as a landlord and your responsibilities as a resident are detailed in the Your Home, Your Safety booklet.

If you ever have any health and safety concerns please do contact us directly. 

If You Smell Gas

  • Open the doors and windows to get rid of the gas

  • Turn off gas cookers and anything else with a naked flame, such as a pilot light. Do not try to relight until the smell of gas has been cleared from the property

  • Do not use any electrical equipment, including light switches and door bells, either by turning them on or off

  • If the leak cannot be stopped by turning off an appliance, or you are uncertain whether it has been stopped, turn the main gas supply off at the meter and phone TRANSCO on 0800 111 999 –this is the gas emergency service. They will not charge you for a call-out

Electrical Safety


The risk of a fire or injury being caused by an electrical fault can be reduced if you:

  • Do not leave appliances plugged in and switched on, unless you are actually using them

  • Do not run flex beneath carpet

  • Do not use any electrical appliances in the bathroom, e.g. hair dryers, straighteners, radios, portable TVs, portable heaters, unless, like shavers, they are made for the purpose

  • Never wire more than one appliance to one plug

  • Never plug electrical appliances into light fittings

  • Never touch anything electrical with wet hands

  • Do not hang decorations or paper around light fittings or bulbs

  • Make sure flexes are in good condition and appliances are correctly fused

  • If you ever accidentally cut through a flex that is plugged into a socket, do not pick up the ends until you have pulled out the plug.

Smoke Detectors

Make sure that your smoke detectors are kept free of dust and dirt and are not obstructed in any way. Test your smoke detectors every month to make sure that they are working, and change the batteries as necessary.

Fire Safety


If your home catches fire, get everyone outside immediately; close as many doors behind the fire as possible, and call the Fire Brigade. If you cannot return to your home following fire damage, you should contact the Local Authority Housing Department for assistance on:

Colchester: 01206 282222

Maldon: 01621 854477

Tendring: 01255 425501

Chelmsford: 01245 606606

Braintree: 01376 557852

Babergh: 01473 826633

Theft – Home Security

Do not make it easy for thieves to get into your home. Always:

  • Lock all doors and windows when you are out

  • Do not leave keys conveniently concealed beneath door mats or behind letter boxes (it is just as convenient for thieves!)

  • Do not allow strangers into your home. Ask any unknown callers for proof of identity. Colne staff and contractors all carry identification cards and you should ask to see them

  • Remember to cancel milk or newspaper deliveries if you are away from home

  • Do not leave cash or valuables on display

  • Do not leave notes on your front door

  • Let the Police know if you are going away for a long period. It can be worthwhile for you to contact the Local Crime Prevention Officer. They can advise you on inexpensive security measures, such as chains, spy holes, window locks and security bolts.